Fortune 5000 Kenautis Smith Presents Fortune 5000

Vinyl LP

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1. Fortune 5000 (Deep Six + Usual Suspects) feat. Hi-Fidel, Jah Safe, Big Ben, VRB KNT, Ess Jones, Jerry G & J-Crew

2. Second Hand Smoke (Usual Suspects) feat. Smoke, J-Crew & Ess Jones 

3. Life Ache (Deep Six) feat. Jah Safe, Jerry G & VRB KNT (RIP Chris Fox)

4. Rahsaan Freestyle

1. School of War feat. Jah Safe, Hi-Fidel & Ess Jones

2. Jerry G Freestyle

3. Digital feat. Jerry G, VRB KNT (RIP Chris Fox), Dink Scrill, J-Crew & Ess Jones

4. Verb Burgler (Deep Six) feat. Jerry G, VRB KNT & Dink Scrill

All tracks produced and recorded by Kenautis Smith

*Verb Burgler Produced by DJ Crucial and Kenautis Smith

Recorded from 1996-1998

Fortune 5000 is Deep Six (Jerry G, VRB KNT, Jah Safe, Dink Scrill & NorfStar), Usual Suspects (Hi-Fidel, Ess Jones, J-Crew, Smoke, Rahsaan & Big Ben) Kenautis Smith & DJ Crucial

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